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Where are you located?

– Our studio is in the lovely Central Valley area of California

Can I visit your studio?

– Sadly, no. It is a private building. Eventually we hope to have a public retail location, but for now we’ll just dream of having one.

Do you ever do custom orders?

– YES! There are restrictions. I cannot say replicate a copywritten design, or make you a perfect copy of the Pope’s cross. We can make our items in different colors, or alter the designs to your needs. Not every request can be done, but we’re willing to try! Please keep in mind custom orders will take extra time to make. Contact us if you’d like to discuss it.

How often do you ship out orders?

– Monday thru friday, every day, through USPS.

Can I order a gift and have it delivered directly to the recipient?

– YES! Please make sure to include the new address as the one to ship to