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Terms & conditions

All  items shown are “As is”, we do our very best to accurately list our items.

We happily comply with any and all official law enforcement requests, so please be aware of that if your credit card is stolen and used here (or if say you stole a card and are on a wild shopping spree).

Please do not alter or distribute our images or graphics to others, it is our private property. We do encourage pinning on Pinterest however, so pin away, Just please keep the original link intact.

We do our best to keep our software updated and keep information secure. This is however an age where not everything is foolproof, accidents happen, cruel people exist. We do everything in our power to prevent this, by using our website it is implied acknowledgement  that we are not liable for information incorrectly entered by you, or for sabotage by a 3rd party.

We value your privacy, both as a visitor and as a customer. Stringingalong.com will never sell your information or ever knowingly or intentionally divulge any information about those who come to our website. The ONLY exception to that is if we are compelled to do so by law enforcement. So if you are on a shopping spree with a stolen credit card, you might have an issue, or ten. Our regular users and vistors? We value your privacy and patronage.

Contact us with any questions!